Carissa Reed

Carissa Reed is a School Social Worker at Anderson School District 5. Since 2012, she has helped children and families in various settings with improving their social and emotional well-being. Specializing in human behavior and the social environment, Carissa uses that experience to assist students and families with issues that get in the way of the students’ abilities to have academic success.  

By focusing on the whole child, Carissa has been able to put the Bachelor of Sociology and Master of Social Worker Degree she earned at Claflin University and the University of Georgia respectfully to good use. Carissa spends her days at Anderson 5 communicating with administrators, teachers, students, community agencies, and parents to resolve issues affecting students’ wellness and academic achievement. However, positive connections and problems being solved, is what brings purpose to what she does on a daily. 

When she is not at work, Carissa is a devoted wife and mother. She loves spending time relaxing, being with family and friends, travel, “me time”, personal/professional development, and eating delicious food.